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Motherhood Lesson Learned – Mom of 4 month old boy

Mom life is the best life! But… it doesn’t come with it’s many heard learned lessons. Thankfully I’m not on this journey alone. I have several good friends at this same stage of life with babies of their own. We support and encourage each other daily!

My good friend Christina shared an IG post that really touched me. Check it out here. And thank you @thelabormama for such great content!

This post really touched me because I was feeling exactly like that- like I had done “nothing” all day! My to-do list was just getting longer and longer. Then, I realized I had done EVERYTHING! I had taken care of my little human all day, every day for four months!!!

So then I sat down with my husband and we worked out a game plan! One to two hours of ME time! Time to work, do self care or just do nothing! I deserve it. And so do you!

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