Three Tips for Post Holiday Recovery! 🎄😮 - LivDharma
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Three Tips for Post Holiday Recovery! 🎄😮

Happy Holidays! If you’re anything like me, you feel STUFFED from all the rich, holiday meals, desserts and drinks.

Well, I’m here to share my top three tips on how to recover from all the festivities! 

1. Go on a walk! I know it might be cold where you are but, bundle up and get to stepping. 

2. De-bloat with fruit salad. Specifically kiwi, honeydew melon and papaya. They contain compounds that get your bowels moving and fight water retention.

3. Sip on Rooibos tea, one of the top teas to drink for weightloss! If you need to get some, it’s on sale here.

Let me know if you apply these tips and how they help!

Stay Merry,


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